About Trivia Weekend

Trivia Weekend debuted in 1980 with 25 teams participating. The contest was organized by KVSC and RHA (Residents Hall Association) at St. Cloud State University and mostly student teams competed. The idea behind trivia weekend was to alleviate Minnesota's imfamous cabin fever. As the weekend grew, so did it's organizational sophistication. Eventually KVSC became the sole organizer of the contest and more community teams began playing.

During its infancy, Trivia Weekend required a 14 member staff. KVSC installed four telephone lines and hand tabulated all scoring. Twenty one years later, fifteen trivia hotlines are used and four administrative telephone lines (we've gone cellular), and computer scoring is utilized.

Time will only tell how the contest evolves now that KVSC broadcasts its programming live on the internet. In 2000, three teams competed via the Internet. Internet based teams follow the same rules a local teams and must call the hot-line to guess their answers. KVSC intends to keep the contest based on phone interaction, not electronic messaging.

KVSC has more than 150 volunteers working toward the success of our annual station event. Dozens of St. Cloud Businesses donate food and dollars to ensure the success of trivia weekend. We wish your team the best of luck this year!