Welcome to Sidelines on UTVS! It’s a sport debate show like non other! Sidelines is simulcast live in partnership with KVSC Sports. The show takes place in the KVSC On-Air Studios. UTVS controls the different camera feeds and videos from PCR-1. The show is a simple format, one host and four panelists. This show covers all topics from golf to football!

Sidelines is frequently run in a competition setting, where each topic winners will receive points. To keep track of the points for each panelist, UTVS will show different graphics to keep the viewers informed. Although this show is also broadcasted on radio, UTVS adds its own video elements and pre-produced graphics. Tune into UTVS on Fridays to hear all the news going on in the world of sports! Contact the UTVS producers for meeting times and how to get involved!

Producer: Dave Elsenpeter

Associate Producer: Jacob Palm

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