Student Led

UTVS-Television is completely student-run. As part of the student organization body at St. Cloud State University, UTVS’s committee is known as the UTVS Executive Board.

The UTVS Executive Board is made up of student staff holding paid positions. Those include the following:

  • UTVS General Manager
  • UTVS Station Manager
  • UTVS Chief Engineer
  • UTVS Marketing Director
  • UTVS News Directors
  • UTVS Programming Director
  • UTVS Web Director
  • UTVS Chief Meteorologist
  • UTVS Sports Director

Other students who are part of the Executive Board are Executive Producers and Associate Producers of the different shows produced at UTVS.

The Executive Board meets on a regular basis to discuss and meet the needs of the students at the television station. The meetings are run by the UTVS General Manager and the UTVS Station Manager.