Entertainment-30 breaks down all the hot entertainment news in just 30 minutes. This show covers all topics from celebrity gossip, broadway, to movie releases, and many more! Entertainment-30 captures the viewers attention with flashy lights, high energy music and its fun spirited on air talent. The show takes place in Studio-2 on the green screen, and chroma keys out fun backgrounds live! This show was inspired by Week In Review’s Celeb Block, after the producers felt that UTVS members should have another platform to show off their pop-culture and entertainment side!

Entertainment-30 is an inclusive environment and loves to get new members involved. This show has even sent members to press nights in the Twin Cities areas and then covered it on the show! The show consists of one on host, and three panelists. It’s easy to get involved in the production aspect as well with crew positions such as camera, director, technical director and audio! If you have any ideas on fun new topics to discuss in the entertainment world or want to learn how to get involved contact the show producers!

Producer: Kenny Johnson kjohnson@utvs.com

Associate Producer: Maya Brown mbrown@utvs.com

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