Husky Tonight

Welcome to St. Cloud State’s original sketch comedy show! It features hilarious recurring segments such as Faking News and Questions of the Week, as well unique sketches written every week by our cast and crew. Husky Tonight members hold weekly meetings to pitch sketch ideas and write scripts for upcoming episodes! Husky Tonight has even been recognized at the national student CBI awards. We promise, this show is as fun as it looks!

Husky Tonight records live to tape host segments as well as faking news in front of the green screen in Studio-2 and chroma keys out fun and exciting backgrounds live in PCR-1. Members get experience writing, directing, filming and acting in high energy comedy skits. Want to learn more about how to get involved? Join Husky Tonight to expand your skills in pre and post production in a fun environment. Contact the show producers to learn more about weekly meeting and opportunities within Husky Tonight!

Producer: Connor Cook

Associate Producer: Aiden Farrell

Associate Producer: Brett Pettit

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