Crunch Time

Crunch Time is a panel discussion show about your favorite topic, Sports! If you are interested in sports and love a good debate, then Crunch Time is the show for you! Every week our panelists battle it out on set sharing their take on what is going on in the world of sports, and compete to earn points for who has the best argument. Topics can range anywhere from football to golf to soccer! At the end of every show, a winner for that episode is crowned. If you have ever seen Around The Horn on ESPN, this show follows suit.

Crunch Time records a weekly live to tape show using Studio-1 and PCR-1. All elements are recorded live with limited post production work. This show offers many different ways to get involved through production or in front of the camera. Panelists and Hosts often rotate week by week, giving UTVS members different opportunities to get involved. Panelists and hosts research before the show and create their own talking points to help give them an advance to win the point for every topic. Crunch Time is a fun way to get involved in your favorite topic, Sports! Crunch Time has weekly meetings, to get more information feel free to contact the show’s producers!

Producer: Ryan McNamara

Associate Producer: Joshua Stambaugh

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